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Domestic Manufacture of Defence Products

India is heading to be Atmanirbhar in defence production. If you are a participant in the process and need assistance in overcoming a few hurdles, we can be your right choice. 


Manufacture of defence products and components for defence equipment is a multi billion dollar industry with a sizeable dependence on imports.


In order to encourage ‘Make In India’ and promote production and manufacturing of goods and services in India, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) had notified the Public Procurement (Preference to Make In India), Order 2017 on 15th June 2017 which has recently been amended vide DPIIT order No. P-45021/2/2017-PP(BE-II) Dated  Jun 2020. More details on the subject are available at the official website of the Department of Defence Production, Min of Defence-

A large number of small and medium industries possess the engineering talent and infrastructure to meet the demands for indigenous design and production of not only the spare parts and components but some of the defence equipment as a whole. However, inability to spare time and efforts from their core business, inadequacy of procedural awareness in dealing with the defence departments and inspection agencies and want of technical know how about the defence equipment are the main barriers.

Our team members who have spent over three decades serving the defence establishment and having hands on experience on repair and maintenance of such equipment, dealt with policies and procedures on procurement of defence equipment and also having exposure to Defence Research and Development can be of great aid as consultants in overcoming the barriers and bridging the gap between the source and destination of indigenous talent.


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