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Corporate Training and Guest Lectures

Students of BBA and MBA courses and young corporate executives stand to benefit from the lectures conducted by Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid (Retd) who is adequately qualified and has a versatile experience besides a flair for conducting lectures.  Topics for some of the lectures are listed below.

Organisational Behaviour

  • Fundamentals and Perception

  • Group and Team Dynamics

  • Conflict Management

  • Stress Management

Economic Analysis 

  • Managerial Economics

  • Utility and Demand Analysis

  • Supply and Market Equilibrum

  • Revenue Analysis and Pricing

Personal Financial Planning 

  • Basic Concepts

  • Investment Planning

  • Risk Analysis

  • Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

Management Fundamentals

  • Basic Concepts

  • Approaches to Management

  • Planning and Organising

  • Decision Making and Controlling

Entrepreneurship Development

  • Concept of Entrepreneurship

  • Theories of Entrepreneurship

  • Role of Government

  • Case Studies

Financial Management

  • Business Finance

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Working Capital Management

  • Capital Structure

  • Capital Budgeting 

Financial Markets and Banking 

  • Concepts of Indian Fin System

  • Money Market

  • Capital Market

  • Banking and NBFCs

  • Functions of Reserve Bank

Strategic Management

  • Understanding Strategy

  • Company's Internal Environment

  • Generic Competitive Strategies

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

Securities Analysis & Portfolio 

  • Concepts

  • Risk and Return Analysis

  • Bonds and Shares

  • Portfolio Analysis & Portfolio Mgt

  • Derivatives- Futures & Options

Global Strategic Management

  • Designing a Global Strategy

  • Global Strategic Alliances

  • Designing a Global Organisation

  • Globalization and Innovation 

  • Global Sustainability

Advance Financial Management

  • Financial Planning and Shareholder Value

  • Capital Structure and Firm value

  • Investment Decisions

  • Working Capital Management

  • Dividend Policy and Firm Value

Legal Aspects of Business

  • The Contract Act, 1872   

  • Sales of Goods Act, 1930

  • The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

  • The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015

  • The Consumer protection Act, 1986

International Business Economics

  • International Trade

  • Trade Policies

  • Currency and International Finance

  • Exchange Rate Policies

  • International Banking

International Business Enviornment

  • Introduction to International Business

  • International Business Environment

  • International Financial Environment

  • International Economic Institutions

  • Emerging Issues in International Business

Indian Ethos and Business Ethics

  • Indian Ethos and Values

  • Indian Model of Management

  • Business Ethics and Applied Ethics

  • Banking and NBFCs

  • Ethical Decision making in Business

Tech, Competition and Strategy

  • Technology and Competition

  • Technology Intelligence

  • Business and Technology Strategy

  • Technology Strategy Choices

  • Technology Strategy Collaborative Mode

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