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Work Study

Work study is primarily an analysis of a work or task for the purpose of identifying the most preferred method of doing that work and also determining the standard time for  doing that work by the most preferred method or an acceptable method. Therefore, there are two aspects of work study. One is the study of the method of doing the work and second is the study of the time required to do that work. 

It is not uncommon to find business establishments, specially production or manufacturing units, loosing out on operating profit margins either due to not choosing the most preferred method of doing a particular work or not doing that work in the most preferred time or a combination of both. 

More often, the problem lies not in the lack of knowledge but in the hurdles of its implementation due to the human element associated with the work. While the management may well be capable of conducting the work study, the human element associated with the work does not feel comfortable with inhouse conduct of the same. It is psychologically perceived as a tug of war between the management and the work force. 

Work study conducted by an external and  qualified consultant, with appropriate negotiation skills,  can turn out to be a win win situation for the management as well as the work force.  This will ultimately result in improved profit margins and a happy work force.

Is your production being done by the most preferred method and in the most preferred time?

work study diag.png

Benefits which can be derived from a good work study

* Increase in Productivity and Efficiency

* Reduction in manufacturing cost

* Improvement in work place layout

* Better manpower and capacity utilisation

* Fair wages to employees

* Better  working conditions & work flow

* Reduction in material handling cost  

* Better industrial relations & employee morale

* Better job satisfaction 

* Reduction in attrition rate

Try a new way of doing things, even if the old way is right-

that is how better ways have been found.

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