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Guest lectures and online courses

We have also hosted our online courses on the renowned international platform Udemy. Courses hosted on Udemy are displayed here. FREE previews to these courses can be accessed by clicking on the course icons

We also conduct guest lectures and financial awareness programs  in the form of webinars, seminars, classroom lectures or in any other manner as requested by the host. 

Click on the Course picture to see Free Preview lessons of the course.

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Finance, Investment and Business: Fundamentals and Concepts

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Stock Market for Absolute Beginners. TrueConceptual Course

Fundamental Analysis: Analysing Financial Statements 

Futures Trading: Complete Understanding of Stock Futures-D1

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Options Trading: Complete
Understanding of Options Trade-D2

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Technical Analysis 1: Candlestick Patterns for Trend Reversal

Practical Trading Strategies in Futures & Options. Beginners  

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The Art of Facing a Job Interview

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Knowledge is the only instrument of production

that is not subject to diminishing returns.

Entrepreneurship Development 101: Startup your New Venture

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