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Fund Raising and Advisory Services

Capital and Fund Raising

We specialize in providing financing solutions to suit  our clients’ capital raising goals. Our forte is our strong relationships with a mix of Private Equity and Institutional investors, enabling us to provide our clients appropriate and timely access to capital.


We also provide services and arrange funding for stressed asset. We have a good working relationships with reputed  financial institutions  enabling a wide choice of funding options .

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Advisory Services

Some of the other financial advisory services provided by us are listed below.

Valuation Service

We provide valuation services required by Companies, Private equity and Venture capital investors as per regulatory guidelines using relevant valuation methodology and most updated Approaches taking into consideration the current and long term business environment.

Due Diligence 

We perform due diligence review identifying and quantifying industry and deal-specific risk and opportunities. Review highlight issues likely to affect the purchase price/valuation and possible warranties. We also provide specific target audits to identify financial and process leakages in the system and also provide solutions to plug the leakages and improve the overall profitability of the operations.

Financial Modelling/Business Plan

Financial modeling/Business Plan are the key instruments used in negotiations with investors and financial institutions to justify business valuation. We provide top quality services to prepare the right financial model and business plan to ensure the most efficient valuation.

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